Mimosa Hostilis – Jurema

Red bark of the root of Mimosa Hostilis, whole and of excellent quality. Large pieces, collected ethically and sustainably in Mexico.

This item is not allowed in the following countries: Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, Poland, Reunion, Ukraine, Canada, Lithuania, Greece, Romania, Russia.

Mimosa Hostilis – Tenuiflora contains DMT, probably the most powerful, enigmatic psychoactive molecule that exists, and even though it is present in one form or another in all living beings, science has not been able to determine its functionality.

Also called “spirit molecule” and “god molecule”, DMT has been interacting with humans since the dawn of time, and it is also an active ingredient in the composition of the ancestral ayahuasca drink. The Jurema cult represents the deepest and most intimate value of the tribal ethnic groups of Northeast Brazil.