The sacred plant of Tobacco

The tobacco plant is native to America (US, Mexico and some parts of South America), where man knew it about ten thousand years ago.

Since long before the Spaniards arrived in America, the use of tobacco as a medicinal plant was a common thing for the natives, and it was cultivated in different spaces and climates.

Tobacco is sacred, therefore it is very important to respect it, and use it with great responsibility and love. Its properties can help calm thoughts and focus on the present moment and on oneself.

The tobacco grandfather acts as director of the other power plants. Prepare the way for other power plants such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, or Peyote.

Studying tobacco is the prior preparation to be able to listen to the guide spirits, the spirits of nature and the beings that inhabit other dimensions or planes of consciousness.

The tobacco plant

Tobacco is a plant in the Solanaceae family. There are many varieties of tobacco, but today only two are widely used: Nicotianatabacum and Nicotiana Rústica.

Nicotianatabacum is the species used by the tobacco industry, which chose it for commercial reasons, since being softer and less harsh, it allows consumers to smoke more and at a faster rate.

Nicotiana rustica, is the variety of tobacco used by the tribes of the Amazon, and is a much stronger variety, often containing up to ten times the amount of nicotine than a standard Nicotianatabacum leaf.

The Tobacco Ceremony

The Tobacco Ceremony is part of the heritage that our ancestors have bequeathed to us, and in it the word is honored through listening and the expression of our hearts, the way we want to live is meditated, and we are grateful for every moment of the life.

In all kinds of ceremonies, which may or may not include the use of other master plants, tobacco is offered to the Sacred Fire, or to other elements of nature, for example to the different directions (North, south, east, west).

Properties of the tobacco plant

It is an excellent fumigation plant, in all its forms we can use tobacco as an excellent fumigator, both in our body, animals, plants and in all kinds of objects or spaces. In other words, it can be an excellent healing.

Each plant manifests the energy of one of the four elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire). There are land plants such as yawar panga (Aristolochiadidyma), water plants such as yaku sisa, air plants such as rose sisa (Tagetes erecta) and fire plants such as garlic sacha (Mansoaalliacea) and mucura (Petiveraalliacea). Each plant stimulates the physical and psychic functions corresponding in the patient to the referred element.

Certain plants express various elements, and tobacco is one of the few species that is linked to the 4 elements of nature, and for this reason it is considered a “universal plant”. (The sacred coca plant is the only known species that also meets these characteristics).

This characteristic of tobacco allows it to be combined with any other plant without opposition: Tobacco acts by energizing or enhancing the effect of the plant with which it is associated.

The sacred plant of Tobacco