Dragon’s Blood


Drago’s Blood extracted from Croton Lechleri from the Amazon. Drago’s Blood is a thick liquid, very dark reddish in color, with properties that have given it an aura of mystery and great admiration since ancient times.

Native Americans use it as a medicinal remedy for a multitude of conditions, especially applied to the skin. Historically, many authors have referred to this liquid, always relating it to the dragon’s blood.

This name is used in traditional medicine on almost all continents, always referring to a viscous and reddish liquid.

Since the first century, the use of Drago’s Blood has been reflected in Greek mythology; The dragon’s blood gave rise, when it fell to the earth, to the trees from which the resin is extracted.

In Central and South America: In the 17th century, the Spanish naturist and explorer P. Bernabé Cobo described its healing properties. The traditional use of Sangre de Drago dates back centuries; In the year 1600, it was already used in Mexico, Peru and Ecuador.

Size: 60ml bottles

Dragon’s Blood
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