Blue Kuripé

Kuripé enameled and decorated with blue thread. It has fine finishes and ideal measurements and angles for harmonious alignment, which allows for comfortable and fluid shooting.

The Kuripé is a sacred tool, an object of power that makes it possible to connect with the spirit of Rapé.


How to consume rapé according to traditions

To make a balanced use of rapé, especially if we are just starting out, it is very positive to do it in a clean and secluded space. If we have a table, it is better if it is clear of unnecessary objects and dust; You can have a small altar with natural or power objects.

It is also useful to use incense or incense; the terpenes they contain are magical molecules that help connect and cleanse and energetically protect.

In the same way, it is very beneficial to have appropriate music such as medicine music, mantras, or others that promote spiritual connection.

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