Kuripé Green

Kuripé made of Bamboo, enameled and decorated with green thread. It has fine finishes and ideal measurements and angles for a harmonious alignment, which allows for a comfortable and fluid shot.

The Kuripé is a sacred tool, an object of power that makes it possible to connect with the spirit of the Rapé.

The Kuripé is the projector used to apply snuff to oneself. (The projector used to apply snuff to another person is called Tepi.)


What is the Kuripé

The Kuripé is the Pipe / Self-applicator used to apply the indigenous Rapé. When Rapé is used, great respect must be paid to the sacred tobacco and the ancestral energies of the Amazon and the nature with which we come into contact.

It is not recommended to lend the application instruments, mainly the kuripé, unless it is a person who takes Rapé and in whom you fully trust.

It is important to take Rapé only from whom you know and trust. Avoid taking Rapé of unknown origin.

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