Sage bundle

Sage purification ritual

The ritual of cleaning or purifying a space with the smoke of a sacred plant is an ancient practice, carried out by countless cultures and civilizations throughout history. Salvia officinalis is one of the most used for this purpose.

When you smoke a space with sage, mental clarity, joy and calm are promoted.

Preparation: Prepare a bunch of dried sage tied with cotton, a bowl to collect the ash and a feather or fan.

Ignition: Light the pack with a lighter, blow to fan the fire for a few seconds, then let the flame go out. Watch out for sparks!

Smoke: To cleanse the people participating in the ritual, direct the smoke over their heads, arms, legs and back. It also directs the smoke over all kinds of spaces and objects to clean them, dispersing the smoke with the pen or fan if you have one. Get it where your intuition guides you.


Sage bundle