Natural strawberry soap is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and E, which combat the effect of free radicals on the skin. Fights premature skin aging and reduces wrinkles.

Manganese and potassium help improve the overall health of the skin, helping antioxidants work better and cells retain more water.

Its moisturizing capacity leaves the skin soft and nourished, it is very suitable for dry skin.

The strawberry is a female plant, it is associated with the planet Venus, the goddess Aphrodite, the water element, love and good fortune.


Magical properties

They are associated with the planet of love, Venus, and Aphrodite, her love and beauty also with Freya, her relationship with her mother and her fertilization.

The Virgin Mary has been represented surrounded by strawberries, or accompanying children to pick them; I love my relationship with my mother, I love my love, I love my relationship and I share my love story with romance.

Ancient European stories indicate that the forest fairies adored strawberries, and the peasants attracted them by planting them, since they helped to have good harvests, provided good health and fertility to the family and livestock.

The result is an excellent aphrodisiac with color, flavor and aroma.


In the year 2500 BC, the disinfectant powers of strawberries were already known in Asia, as the leaves were used to make tea and reduce toxins in the body, as well as delay aging and combat fatigue.

The Romans used strawberries for their beneficial properties for the digestive system and to provide good breath, and for their aphrodisiac virtues.

In America, we are native to our country of origin, Spanish, Portuguese, British, traditional in the USA and including the entire plant; fruits, vegetables and roots. They also crush the leaves creating a skin ointment.

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