The Rapé Ritual

In the North of Brazil, native peoples have used Rapé for millennia, long before the arrival of the white man, as a medicine associated with therapeutic and spiritual use.Rapé is an ancient medicine of connection, a powerful alterer of consciousness / Entheogen, which has the formidable power to open us to higher dimensions, and for this it is always used accompanied by a small snuff ceremony or ritual prior to taking, in the one in which we deposit a pure and luminous intention.Rapé is a powerful and ancient way to elevate prayer and connect with the divine. It should always be directed toward a spiritual purpose, being focused, prayerful, seeking healing or spiritual connection.To the extent possible, it will be used in an appropriate environment, ideally in nature, in a clean location, clear of unnecessary objects and other distractions.
As part of the ceremony, when using snuff or another form of sacred Mapacho, healing or shamanism songs can be sung or listened to, since tobacco puts us in contact with our own essence and with the spirits of the jungle and nature. .It is also especially appropriate for the Rapé ritual to burn incense burners with copal, benzoin, palo santo or other resins, which have excellent energetic cleansing and connection properties.In the Amazon, sharing in Rapé circles is an activity with ancestral roots. For these cultures, such as the Katukina, Nukini and Yawanawa, Grandpa Mapacho is a medicine that contains a Spirit with great power, which brings healing and protection, warding off all types of evils.In a ritual way, the forces, directions or elements of Nature are called, the blessing of forest animals or the power of medicinal plants to heal us and give us strength.