Kuripé made of enamelled Pine, with fine finishes and ideal measurements and angles for harmonious alignment, which allows for a comfortable and fluid shot.

The Kuripé is a sacred tool, an object of power that makes it possible to connect with the spirit of Rapé.

The Kuripé is the projector used to apply snuff to oneself, while the projector used to apply rapé to another person is called Tepi.



Rapé Applicator: How to use Kuripé

To receive the ancestral medicine of rapé you must be receptive and in inner stillness; try to take it in an appropriate place, dedicating time and space to it, separating it from recreational activities and always focusing on a prayer or luminous intention.

Rapé is projected by blowing using a kuripé or Tepi (it is never snorted or inhaled); the effect of rapé depends largely on the blow and the prayer or intention.

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