Big Sage

Large bundle of California white sage leaves (Salvia apiana), selected and grouped for use as incense. Salvia apiana, a species native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, stands out for its sweet and resinous aroma.


This perennial plant appears in the form of a bush, with silver leaves and white flowers arranged in a spiral. When lit, this variety of sage releases a distinctive and enveloping sweet and resinous perfume, characterized by its purifying and protective properties.


Throughout the centuries, Native American tribes, especially those in the southwestern region of the United States, have revered Salvia apiana in their rituals. Considered a sacred plant, it is used to dissipate negative energies, cleanse spaces and foster spiritual connection, keeping alive a tradition rooted in the cultural history of the region.


Large bundle of California white sage (Salvia apiana) leaves

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