Jatobá Resin

The Jatobá tree is highly appreciated for its resin, known as jutaicica, which has powerful medicinal and spiritual properties.

In shamanic rituals, it is used in incense burners, and is considered a powerful mental tonifier. Thanks to its properties, it is also widely used in meditation sessions, yoga and other similar activities.

The Jatobá (Hymenaea courbaril L.) is a large tree, reaching up to 40 meters in height, with a trunk almost one meter in diameter, native to the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.

Various parts of the tree are used, such as bark, sap, resin, fruits and leaves. Some indigenous groups in the Amazon use its wood to make canoes.

It is also a source of food and is mentioned among the fruit species, due to the extraordinary nutritional value of the edible pulp that surrounds the seeds.

Its wood is of excellent quality, hard and heavy.

Its newly extracted sap is wine-colored and is used in traditional medicine to treat a multitude of conditions.

The abundant Jatobá flowers are very attractive to Jataí bees, which produce honey especially suitable for combating respiratory problems.

The jutaic drink is prepared by mixing the resin grains in water and then drinking it in a purification ritual.


Scientific Name: Hymenaea courbaril L.

Origin: Brazil.

Aroma: Citrus and refreshing.

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