Katukina Cactus

Rapé katukina cactus is made with Murici ash, Mapacho, Sabiá and a variety of cactus called Dama da Noite (Lady of the Night, so called because it blooms at night).

Katukina Cactus is an unusual and surprising Rapé variety, remarkably aromatic, with diverse effects thanks to its unique composition.

The Lady of the Night acts on the crown chakra and stimulates the connection with the higher planes, strengthening intuition and understanding.

On the other hand, Murici ashes lead to grounding, harmonizing and balancing the base chakra.

Rapé Cactus reestablishes the connection of the energy meridian that passes through all the chakras, from the base to the crown, clearing it of blockages.

Helps harmonize and integrate the external with the internal. This variety strongly stimulates healing and helps to release the old and purify energy to receive the new.

The Katukinas recommend starting your relationship with this variety with small quantities and not using it too frequently. Rapé Cactus is best used after dark; Like the Lady of the Night herself, this is when she offers her full potential.


The Lady of the Night cactus

The Lady of the Night (Selenicereus grandiflorus) is a very beautiful, enigmatic and exotic species of cactus.

Its flowers have an exquisite aroma, and once bloomed, they only last one night. As evening falls, the Lady of the Night flower slowly opens its petals towards the moon, and when dawn begins to illuminate the sky and the first rays of sun appear, the flowers wither and fall.

Lady of the Night has important health properties, and is used in many ways by native tribes.

The Lady of the Night cactus is known to stimulate blood circulation in the brain, enhancing and improving the functioning of neurotransmitters.

It is also known to help with heart disease, as well as being effective against headaches, rheumatic pain, respiratory problems, skin rashes and diabetes.


The Murici tree

Murici (Byrsonima crassifolia) is a tree with very interesting and diverse healing properties, in addition to having delicious fruits. It is planted to repopulate sterile or burned soils; It is a tree that awakens life, reviving what seemed dead.

The bark of the Murici tree is anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and laxative; used to treat dysentery, coughs, and snake bites (as an antidote); Helps menstruation and vaginal problems.

In its topical use, the bark is used to treat wounds, skin infections and ulcers. Its infused leaves are used to treat low blood pressure.

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