Palo Santo 1 Kg

Palo Santo trunk of approximately 1 kg.

Palo Santo is used in different countries and cultures to expel negative energies and attract positive ones, focusing and enhancing the positive.

Cleans and purifies environments, in addition to aromatizing them. It relieves nervous tension and helps control diseases or ailments caused by stress, enhancing harmony and well-being.


How to use palo santo

Unlike other species from which resins are extracted, Palo Santo only requires that a piece of its wood be lit to release its smoke with powerful properties.

Palo Santo is a dense wood that does not burn easily, so it may take a few seconds to light. Ideally, let it burn for about 30 seconds, and then blow out the flame gently. When you extinguish the flame, the ember remains, which will produce white smoke for several minutes.

It is advisable to have a fireproof container on hand, in which to deposit the ashes, and where to place the palo santo when finished.

When the ember dies down, a little air will help revive it, shaking the stick or blowing gently. This usually only works as a temporary measure, so it is necessary to turn it on several times for it to be completely consumed.


Palo santo, energy cleansing

For energetic cleaning of spaces, once lit, shaking the ember in the air distributes the smoke throughout the room, and guides the wood through the areas you want to clean, such as corners, hallways and closets. .

For a deep energetic cleansing, you can burn about 3 to 4 sticks together, and let the smoke remain in the space for about 3 hours.

You can also do an energetic cleansing of stones and gems, which must be cleaned periodically, as they absorb and retain energetic influences.

Properties and benefits of Palo Santo

Traditionally, palo santo is used to relieve common colds, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic.

Smell is the only sense directly interconnected with emotions, and also the only one that never sleeps, so it is also related to lucid dreaming.

In aromatherapy, Palo Santo is commonly used in the form of an essential oil, and serves to release tension related to stress and depression.

It is also an excellent natural repellent against flies, mosquitoes, etc.

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