Rapé Mint

Mint rapé is used in healing and purification rituals, and its presence increases the vibrational level in an extraordinary way.

The magical properties of mint revitalize the body and mind, while calming the spirit, leading us to a state of serenity and allowing us to connect with the present and be more aware of what is happening around us.

Since ancient times, mint has been used as an aphrodisiac by various cultures, thanks to the stimulant substances it contains. It also has strong protective properties.

-Intensity: Medium – Mild

-Tribe: Made by the Kuntanawa tribe.

-Composition: Amazon tobacco, ashes and mint.

-Size: Bottles of 10 ml (8 to 9 grams).

-Use: Ethnobotanical curiosity. Exclusive use for scientific, historical and ritualistic study.

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Kuntanawa tribe

The Kuntanawa tribe, or as they call themselves “Coconut People”, have always used plants to connect with beings and spirits of the forest, through them they learned to heal their tribe with their own traditional medicines, and always they have defended their spirituality as their principle of existence.

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