Nukini Sansara

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Nukini Sansara is an exquisite variety of Rapé, thanks to two plants traditionally used in Rapé both for their valuable medicinal and spiritual properties and for their delicious aroma. Nukini Sansara rapé is very suitable for headaches and in cases of respiratory problems, as well as to treat anxiety and insomnia. It is made by women of the Nukini community.

On the one hand it contains Sansara, a sacred plant with valuable spiritual and energetic cleansing qualities.

On the other, it contains Chamba, also called Anador; another sacred plant, highly respected by indigenous traditions, traditionally used as an analgesic for pain relief, and also for its bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

-Intensity: Medium

-Proportion / Balance: Balanced, slightly rich in Mapacho.

-Tribe: Made by the Nukini tribe of the Brazilian Amazon

-Composition: Contains Mapacho (Nicotiana Rústica), Tsunu ashes and Samsara and Chambá or Anador leaves (Justicia pectoralis Jacq).

-Size: 10 ml bottles (8 to 9 grams)

-Use: Ethnobotanical curiosity. Exclusive use for scientific, historical and ritualistic study.

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Nukini Sansara
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