Sepá Yawanawá

Sepá is a resin with a refreshing aroma typical of the Yawanawa, who extract it from a tree called “Vixu”.

Within the Yawanawá tradition, sepá is a natural perfume used in spiritual rituals and healing work; It is considered a healing resin and is usually present in the homes of all Yawanawá.

The Yawanawá also prepare an annatto paste with sepá resin for their red body paints, as well as black dyes with genipapa and charcoal.

Used in incense burners, it purifies objects, people and spaces. Helps protect against negative energies and external influences. It is common for people who practice rituals with Sepá resin to carry small pieces of resin with them or keep it in their homes as an amulet.

When collected, it has a sticky consistency and must be handled with the help of a piece of wood or metal tongs; It solidifies upon contact with air.


Origin: Brazil.

Aroma: Soft and refreshing.

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