Green Tepi

Tepi enameled and decorated with green thread, with fine finishes and ideal measurements for a comfortable and harmonious use.

The tepi is a long projector, used to project rapé at another person.

Projecting rapé at another person implies a certain responsibility, since according to traditions there is a strong energy exchange, especially between the person who applies it and the person who receives it. It is important to make sure that we only take rapé from someone we fully trust and know has good intentions towards us.


How to take ancestral Rapé according to traditions?

Rapé is never inhaled or snorted, but is projected through a breath; It is a wind element medicine, and the use of breath is essential to achieve a desirable effect.

Rapé is always applied in both nostrils, to balance the two meridians of the body; the left, associated with the feminine and intuitive, and the right, linked to the masculine and rational. For some traditions, the left side represents death, and the right side represents life, so they apply it in that order.

Rapé is a connection portal, which helps us to get in touch with more subtle fields and attract or materialize the reality with which we align ourselves; For this reason, the most important thing is to vibrate in a positive and luminous way during use.

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