Vaporizer Zeus ARC GT

Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

The Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer is a high performance vaporizer designed by the German manufacturer Zeus Arsenal.

Temperature settings

The Zeus Arc GT has three temperature levels, preset at: 185 °, 205 ° and 225 °.

To switch between heating cycles, simply tap the power button and the LED will change to reflect the current heating cycle.

The gold-plated heating chamber heats herbs effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, the gold-plated heat sink works to remove heat before it is inhaled.

Ultra-portable: It measures 87 mm high, 42 mm wide and 22.5 mm deep, making it one of the smallest, most portable and powerful vaporizers on the market.

The vaporizers of the German manufacturer Zeus are of an unbeatable quality, their battery lasts for 90 minutes of continuous use.


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