Effects of Rapé

Benefits of Rapé on an energetic and emotional level:

For the Amazonian tribes, snuff is a power tool that cleanses perception, clears the mind and opens higher energy channels, connecting us with the highest being.

By stopping internal dialogue, snuff helps you be truly present and see beyond interpretations, inducing a direct meditative state. It is of invaluable help to calm recurring mental processes, and to rebalance unbalanced emotional states.

Used well, Rapé is a direct way to become aware, unblock, and heal these energetic and emotional charges that translate into fears, depression, anxiety, feelings of abandonment, jealousy, frustration, insomnia, etc.

It is of great help to have mental clarity when high concentration is required, as it induces a meditative state.

When receiving snuff, the medicine rises, cleaning, ordering and aligning the energy field, especially the third eye and crown chakras. Snuff rounds in medicine circles, as well as in the taking of ayahuasca or other master plants, serve to synchronize and align the attention and perception of the participants.

Benefits of Rapé on a physical level:

The effects of Rapé on a physical level are also valuable: It is very effective in treating respiratory system problems, especially sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis. It is also effective against persistent headaches, migraines, digestive system problems and allergies.

Rapé also immunizes against diseases of the respiratory system, is a powerful analgesic, eliminating headaches and body aches, and is relaxing and antipyretic.

Some of it can be sent down to the digestive system, where it deworms and helps cleanse the stomach and intestines. As part of this cleansing, you may vomit.

In addition, Rapé is known to act on the pineal gland. The gestalt therapist and specialist in the use of medicinal plants Hendara Rico, told the newspaper Efe that “The Pineal gland, through some substances of daily use such as fluoride, becomes calcified and numb, and snuff acts by decalcifying that gland.” “

It helps restart the lung cleaning cycle and generates the expulsion of phlegm and foreign bodies; It is highly recommended for those who suffer from asthma.

Rapé is also used as an analgesic substance that relieves fatigue, pain, hunger and thirst.

Raccoon-based snuff contains nicotine, so its use increases brain blood flow and affects the release of several neurotransmitters that lead to antidepressant and stimulant effects.

It is also an excellent healing and antibiotic applied to wounds, especially those containing sage and lavender.