Mapacho Moi

Organic Mapacho roll from Brazil.

Mapacho is a conglomerate of dried, cured and chopped Nicotiana rustica leaves.

Moi Mapacho is a delicate and exquisite type of Mapacho, softer compared to other rustic varieties, it has a captivating and distinctive aroma.

The Moi raccoon is produced in the Extrativist Reserve, deep in the Brazilian Amazon, near the border with Peru. It is cultivated by local communities, who descend from the mixture between indigenous tribes and immigrants who arrived from the northeast during the rubber boom.

Upper Jurua is home to native tribes such as the Ashaninka, Kuntanawa, Arara Shawãdawa and the Kaxinawa tribe, among others.

Nicotiana Rustica has been used for thousands of years in various forms and purposes: chewed, pulverized and inhaled, smoked, macerated drinkable or used externally, in poultice, bath or drops, to prevent or treat physical ailments, they were also used in rituals. for its character as a sacred plant.

When incenses are made, it is used as a way to clear the energy of a space or person. In North America, the passing of the pipe was linked to the use of speech and the connection with the sacred, for example, it was used when important decisions had to be made, before anyone spoke the whole group inhaled first from the pipe; This prior connection with what they considered sacred reflects the importance they gave to speaking truthfully and from the heart, which can be considered the ultimate purpose of this practice.

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Storage of Mapacho Mói

Mapacho can be preserved for many months if it is vacuum packed, unopened. Once opened, it should be stored in a paper wrapper. When the exterior becomes brittle over time, you can spray the exterior with distilled water, so that the material will slowly absorb the water and the outer layer will be fresh again. Pack the humidified Mapacho in a plastic bag for a day or two at most. Then keep it again on dry paper.

Mapacho cannot be stored in a plastic bag if it is not vacuum packed, as this can cause mold to form. Store it on paper, in a cool, dry place.

The Nicotiana plant

Nicotiana rustica is an ancient plant cultivated in the Amazon for thousands of years. This strain is very potent, often containing up to ten times the amount of nicotine as a standard Nicotiana tabacum leaf (the variety of Nicotiana used in the West).

There are 64 species of Nicotiana, 60% of them in South America, others in Asia and Africa but almost unused. Only a dozen species have enough nicotine to be effective in humans.

In the Amazon, this plant has accompanied the path of the American settler since the dawn of time, it is estimated that it has been cultivated and used in various forms for thousands of years (6,000 to 8,000 years). In fact, Nicotiana Rústica could be the first plant grown regularly on the entire continent.

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