Nukini 7 Stars

Rapé Nukini 7 stars has an aroma that is fruity and minty tones, a slightly masculine proportion, with a dry, drum finish.

Xiti Nukini, Rapé master of her tribe, is responsible for this exquisite variety. Its exact ingredients remain a well-kept secret; They are known to be spirit-uplifting herbs with profound cleansing properties on a spiritual level, and pain relieving on a physical level.

This variety is indicated to raise the vibrational frequency and to perform energetic cleansing, as well as to calm pain.


-Intensity: Strong.

-Proportion: Medium, balanced, slightly masculine.

-Tribe: Made by the Nukini tribe.

-Composition: Mapacho, Tsunu ash and other Amazonian medicinal plants.

-Size: 10 ml bottles (8 to 9 grams).

-Use: Ethnobotanical curiosity. Exclusive use for scientific, historical and ritualistic study.


nukini tribe

Nukini tribe

The Nukini have survived great adversities, such as epidemic fevers and the expansion of the rubber exploitation front. Throughout the first decades of the 20th century, they joined the rubber company and remained in the Môa River region until today.

After decades working as rubber extractors, the Nukini obtained official recognition of their lands in the late 1970s.

Due to contact with rubber tappers, small producers and riverside residents of the upper Juruá region, the Nukini incorporated many of their customs, but they retain their individuality, especially with regard to their social organization.