Tepi – Rapé applicator

Bamboo tepi enameled and decorated with green thread, with fine finishes and ideal measurements for a comfortable and harmonious use.

The tepi is a long projector, used to project rapé at another person.

Projecting rapé at another person implies a certain responsibility, since according to traditions there is a strong energy exchange, especially between the person who applies it and the person who receives it.

It is important to make sure that we only take snuff from someone we fully trust and know has good intentions towards us.


Use of Tepi: How to apply rapé

There are several breaths that can be used, varying the duration, intensity, and closure.

Murmurs with interruptions should be avoided, as well as those that are very strong or too weak; the breath should be nice and flowing like a musical melody.

The breath used in the projection and the very connection we have with medicine greatly influences the effect of the intake.

According to the Huni Kuin, it is better to avoid applying Rapé with an audience that does not know about its use; You can receive a negative energy from whoever observes, not knowing that it is a sacred medicine, confusing it with other habits.

It is better to avoid taking Rapé under the sun, especially if it is very intense.

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