Huni Kuin Xacapandaré is a powerful variety, with tsunu ash and

Huni Kuin Xapandaré Rapé is carefully prepared to have the correct balance between the different ingredients.

This variety was designed by the beloved and respected chief Siã Huni Kuin of the Jordão region, one of the main native leaders of the state of Acre. In his words, “Used in Rapé, Xacapandaré helps open the mind, removes bad feelings, expels bad energies and benefits the respiratory system.”

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The Xacapandaré plant

According to the Huni Kuin tradition, the Xacapandaré herb benefits the respiratory system, helps improve memory and strengthens the mind.

The Huni Kuin use Xacapandaré leaves to make tea, to burn as incense and cleanse spaces, and even in baths to cleanse the aura and body.