Tonka Rapé is a strong Rapé, made with the bark of the Cumaru tree, Mapacho and other medicinal plants.

The Katukina, and the tribes in Acre in general, adore cumarú snuff, and consider this tree and its spirit to be one of the most important teachers of the jungle.

According to what we are told, tonka snuff is ideal for generating an intense feeling of cleanliness and balance. Activates the third chakra and the crown chakra, calming the mind and strengthening connection and the most subtle levels of spiritual perception.

They also indicate that due to its bronchodilator effect, it facilitates the passage of air to the lungs, which is why it is traditionally used in cases of flu, bronchitis or asthma, or in cases of anxiety where one feels short of breath. In addition, it is a powerful analgesic.


The Cumaru or Tonka tree

The Cumaru or Tonka tree (Dipteryx odorata) reaches about 40 meters in height, belongs to the Fabaceae family, and is native to tropical America.

Cumarú is an aromatic and medicinal tree. It is used as a substitute for vanilla, to flavor chocolates, in perfumery, to make cosmetics, and of course in Rapé.