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This magnificent Rapé is a very special classic that follows the Yawanawá’s own recipe; finely sifted Mapacho and Tsunu ashes, a mixture that pleases even the most refined tastes.

This legendary Rapé of the Yawanawá has a long history: Putany, Nawashahu’s mother, and her sister Hushahu, were the first women of the Yawanawá people to be initiated into Rare Muká, which represents the most advanced study of shamanism in their culture.

Together, they were the first to change the Yawanawá tradition, which prevented women from using the sacred medicines of Uni (ayahuasca) and Rume (Snuff in the Yawanawá language). The Yawanawa were also the first tribe to initiate a woman to become a shaman.

Tsunu Rapé is highly appreciated for healing and as support during Ayahuasca ceremonies.


-Tribe: Made by the Yawanawa tribe

-Composition: A classic Yawanawá recipe, Mapacho with Tsunu ashes, carefully prepared by women of the tribe.

-Size: 10 ml bottles (8 to 9 grams)

-Use: Ethnobotanical curiosity. Exclusive use for scientific, historical and ritualistic study.


Tribu Yawanawá

Los Yawanawá son conocidos como “los espadachines”, ya que han luchado siempre, incluso en tiempos difíciles. En un momento la tribu casi se extinguió y solo sobrevivieron 300 personas.

Hoy su tribu ha crecido, y su moral y su conocimiento se han conservado de una manera extremadamente estricta, con su labor desarrollan un nuevo modelo de sostenibilidad que permite a los yawanawá proteger la selva y comprometerse con el mundo exterior en sus propios términos, sin perder su identidad cultural y espiritual.


Tribu Yawanawá