Rapé Canela de Velho

Rapé Canela de Velho is one of the strongest of the varieties available. It’s deep, it brings great grounding, and it’s very intense; overwhelming even. It performs a deep physical and energetic cleanse, so the purge is quite possible.

Prayer and intention must play an important role in the use of any Rapé, and in this particular one it is fundamental.

It is recommended to find a comfortable and suitable space, and time to integrate its effect. It is wise to start with a small amount and increase it as you become familiar with the medicine.


-Tribe: Made by the Kuntanawa tribe

-Composition: It is made with the precious ash from the bark of the Cinnamon tree (Miconia albicans), Amazonian tobacco, and other sacred medicinal plants of the Amazon.

-Size: 10 ml bottles (8 to 9 grams)

-Use: Ethnobotanical curiosity. Exclusive use for scientific, historical and ritualistic study.


Canela de Velho Tree

Canela de Velho rapé is made from the beloved ash from the bark of the Canela de Velho tree (Miconia albicans). Canela de Velho, is a shrubby plant (0.7-3 m tall) of the Melastomataceae family, which is native to North and South America.canela-de-velhoCanela de Velho has been used as a remedy for a wide variety of chronic pain in the knees, spine and joints for centuries.Parts used: Aerial parts of the plant (leaves) to consume in the form of tea, and bark to make tobacco. Active principles: flavonoids and triterpenic compounds (oleanolic acid and ursolic acid). fotografía de la tribu Kuntanawa

Kuntanawa tribe

The Kuntanawa tribe, or as they call themselves “Coconut People”, have always used plants to connect with beings and spirits of the forest, through them they learned to heal their tribe with their own traditional medicines, and always they have defended their spirituality as their principle of existence.