The Kuntanawa create this beautiful blend with Mapacho de Rope (An extra strong variety) and Sanixi, a plant also known as clavahuasca or cipo cravo, which means climbing clove. It resembles cloves in taste and smell, and is often used to make a clove-flavored tea.

Sanixi strongly predominates in this Rapé. In traditional medicine, Sanixi is used as a strong aphrodisiac, helping with libido disorders and impotence. Like cloves, Sanixi has a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Kuntanawa Sanixi is a unique and powerful variety that elevates to a state of high vibration, acting on the sacral chakra and helping to unblock sexual or vital energy.

The sacral chakra allows us to find the meaning of our life; By having it balanced we flow in tune with our passion, what makes us happy and what we love to do, helping us to live fully and feel fulfilled.

Rapé Sanixi also acts on the solar plexus thanks to the rope rape.

Rapé Sanixi has a great capacity to dissipate accumulated negative energies, which the Kuntanawa call Nuxim.

Open your heart to give and receive; It is a happy, smiling rapé.

It is suitable for both ceremonies and everyday use.

The Clavohuasca vine

Clavohuasca is a vine from South America, traditionally used as a powerful aphrodisiac for men and women, to increase sexual potency and fertility.

It is also used in natural medicine to treat various ailments.

It is an additive commonly used in ayahuasca recipes or taken simultaneously to reduce unpleasant purgative effects and settle the stomach.

The Latin name of the Huasca Clove is ‘Tynanthus panurensis’. This name means ‘clove bush’ and refers to the clove-rich essence of the trunk and leaves. Its active compound is tinanthin.

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