Samauma Ash

The native tribes of the Amazon use the ashes to make snuff. Ash is a very important part of the mixture. Alkalizes, neutralizing acidity.

Ash is made from the bark of the Samaúma tree, which is burned to ashes, then sifted and ground into a fine powder.

This powdered ash is added to the Mapacho and other plants to make snuff.


Size: 10ml


Sacred ashes in other cultures

Around the world, there are many cultures that use ashes sacredly in spiritual practices.

Used in Hinduism, Buddhism, shamanism, Christianity, in Africa and by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, the use of ashes has a spiritual meaning associated with purification, renewal and transformation.

In Hinduism, where they are known as “vibhuti”, the sacred ashes. They are used in rituals of purification, spiritual renewal and symbolize devotion and spiritual protection. Ashes are made from burning sacred wood, usually using bael, margosa or fig tree.

In Buddhism, they are used to build stupas, sacred monuments that represent enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

In Christianity, ashes are widely used in the celebration of Ash Wednesday, as a symbol of human fragility and the need for repentance and penance. During the ceremony, ashes are placed on the foreheads of the faithful in the shape of a cross.

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