Blue Tepi

Tepi enameled and decorated with blue thread, with fine finishes and ideal measurements for a comfortable and harmonious use.

The tepi is a long projector, used to project rapé at another person.

Projecting rapé at another person implies a certain responsibility, since according to traditions there is a strong energy exchange, especially between the person who applies it and the person who receives it. It is important to make sure that we only take rapé from someone we fully trust and know has good intentions towards us.


How much rapé to consume according to the tribes?

To study the medicine of rapé, it can be taken up to three or four times a day, always making conscious use, listening to our body and assessing according to the sensations. It is always good to take breaks for a few days so that it is a tool at our service, instead of a habit on which we depend.

kuripe rapé Autoaplicador
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