Mapacho Arapiraca

In the beautiful and rustic northeast of Brazil lies a town called Arapiraca, capital of the state of Alagoas, the main Brazilian Mapacho producer.

In the Brazilian Northeast, this Mapacho has been cultivated since the time of large plantations and international trade transported by galleons, hundreds of years ago. Today it is still used by traditional rural communities and in religious ceremonies. Ancient peasants smoked it in pipes or wrapped in corn husks.

Mapacho Arapiraca is produced completely naturally and is manually processed and rolled into large rolls. While the Peruvian and Amazonian Mapacho is wound on sticks, the Arapiraca is struck with multi-strand ropes, just like a regular linen rope. It has a deep and pleasant aroma, and its color is black and intense.

Region of origin: Arapiraca, Brazil

Mapacho Storage

Mapacho can be preserved for many months if it is vacuum packed, unopened. Once opened, it should be stored in a paper wrapper. When the exterior becomes brittle over time, you can spray the exterior with distilled water, so that the material will slowly absorb the water and the outer layer will be fresh again. Pack the humidified Mapacho in a plastic bag for a day or two at most. Then keep it again on dry paper.

Mapacho cannot be stored in a plastic bag if it is not vacuum packed, as this can cause mold to form. Store it on paper, in a cool, dry place.

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