Mapacho Mói Powder

Mói is the name by which Brazilians call Mapacho (Name used by other regions, especially in Peru).

Mói is a refined and higher quality variation of the common Mapacho, harvested and made as a medicinal ingredient, especially in the northern state of Acre.

Mapacho Mói is grown organically, according to the ancient traditions of the people of Ribeirinho, passed down from generation to generation.

Region of Origin: Alto Juruá, Acre, Brazil


Mapacho Mói is harvested in the Alto Juruá region, where the borders of Peru and the state of Acre meet, after the town of Marechal Thaumaturgo. There, the Ribeirinho people have settled in an area that today comprises a reserve.

The Ribeirinho come from the northeastern region of Brazil or, at least, descend from a lineage of northeasterners who fled the region a century ago to escape the Rubber crises.

The history of the Ribeirinhos is rich and diverse, the first members of their community arrived on the banks of the rivers and beaches where they reside today. Their plantations follow a sense of self-sufficiency and environmental responsibility, preserving the forests and rivers that surround them.

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